The Day Before the Fall

curated by Clarissa Aidar

Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Quem é você para deitar na minha cama/Who are you to lay on my bed, 2020
  • Artists:
    Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro
    Lucyfer Eclipsa
    Ana Giselle/TRANSÄLIEN
    Bruna Kury
    Raylander Mártis
    Vulcanica Pokaropa

  • Clarissa Aidar curator interview, 2020
Authoritarian and conservative forces occupy the state, the culture, and the arts in Brazil. The center of São Paulo has become a battleground of contradictions: the population living in the streets grows exponentially, along with the speculative redevelopment and its endless new gated towers. In the deadliest country for trans and gender non-conforming people, the city hosts the world’s biggest LGBTQI+ pride event.

Gentrification and decay, celebration and tragedy; paradoxes proliferate in a territory founded on the systematic oppression of non-hegemonic bodies. Still, squats and overcrowded subway trains reverberate with ancient chants of liberation, gestures of defiance are spotted in small kitchens and on dancefloors, when dissident, racialized, and propertyless imaginations share visions of a world to come.

To defy conservative fantasies of destruction during this dystopian turn of events, the exhibition brings together six new installations created by transgender women artists living in São Paulo who imagine what must we transform (ourselves into) in order to resist. Invoking metamorphosis as a collective strategy of survival, they nurture utopic, rebellious, and unbounded futures rising up from the present wreckage. Together with an extensive series of public programs, it intends to become a space of encounter, exchange and preparation for the here and now.
Clarissa Aidar is an artist, writer and community organizer from São Paulo. Her work is concerned with queer comradeship and the creation of shifting identities and alliances to deceive state vigilance and the commodification of subjectivity.


Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Quem é você para deitar na minha cama/Who are you to lay on my bed, 2020, Installation including bed, cotton, cloth, sand, crystals, candles, herbs, Dimensions variable

Raylander Mártis, tão perto, tão longe/so far, so close, 2020, São Paulo bar bathroom door, 82.7 x 26.4 x 2.8 in (each)


Lucyfer Eclipsa, Anamnese: distorções oníricas/Anamnesis: dream distortions, 2020, Synthetic hair, plush, wood, wire, Dimensions variable (approx. 39.4 x 17.7 x 11.8 in each)

Ana Giselle/TRANSÄLIEN, TRANSVER/TRANSVISION, 2020, 3D canvas and masks, 39.4 x 30.3 in


Bruna Kury, Escorpiônikas/Scorpionics, 2020, Video, photography, resin objects, Dimensions variable


Vulcanica Pokaropa, Intercessão/Intercession, 2020, Oil on canvas, cardboard, dolls, candles, glass, metal, Dimensions variable

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