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apexart :: Open Call for Group Exhibitions

Open Call Exhibitions

Submission Process
500-word proposals should describe a focused, idea-driven, and original group exhibition. Submissions also require a list of three potential artists, though this list will not be shown to the jury, and is not included in the 500-word limit.


Curators, artists, writers, and creative individuals, regardless of experience level, background, or location can apply.

No topics off limits, no ideas too controversial. apexart does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

» Proposals for exhibitions in NYC are accepted October 1 - 31, 2018 for program season 2019-20.

» Proposals for exhibitions outside NYC are accepted February 1 - March 1, 2019 for program season 2019-20.

For proposals for exhibitions outside NYC, is important to select a location you have been to previously, so you have some sense of the location and potential challenges of organizing an exhibition there. The exact exhibition venue need not be known at the time of submission.

1. Read all Frequently Asked Questions.
2. Read past successful proposals.
Selection Process
A diverse and changing international jury of more than 200 people participate in a crowdsourced voting process.


Projects are judged by the strength of the exhibition idea and the organizer's ability to communicate it, not by social connections, past accomplishments, or personality.

Each juror receives a dedicated login to cast votes online for at least 50 proposals. apexart's voting system ensures that jurors do not see the names of the submitters, and that every proposal receives an equal number of views by the jurors. Each year several university classes also participate in the jury.

apexart exhibitions attempt to decentralize the selection process by making it as democratic and fair as possible.

After the last vote is cast, the three highest-ranked proposals are included in the upcoming apexart international exhibition season.


Jurors have one month to vote after the submission deadline. We announce the winners shortly thereafter. Results for our most recent Open Call are here.

All applicants are sent proposal rankings in an anonymous results page.

apexart has increased the budget substantially to $10,000 for each Open Call exhibition and its related programming. Each organizer must work within apexart’s budget to cover expenses including curator travel, artwork shipping, artist and public program participant honorariums, equipment, installation, and venue fees with $8,000 of the budget. After the exhibition closes and all expenses have been paid, the organizer receives a $2,000 honorarium for coordinating the project and writing the exhibition brochure essay. For exhibitions outside NYC, apexart will match up to $1,000 for a location rental if necessary.

apexart covers costs for approved insurance, advertising, publicity, documentation, the design, printing, and mailing of the brochure, and the local opening reception. apexart oversees and handles most of the exhibition logistics, including loan agreements and shipping. The apexart team works closely with guest organizers to turn their ideas into apexart exhibitions.

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Juror Opportunity
If you aren't ready to submit a proposal, we invite you to sign up to be a juror.

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