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apexart supporters past and present include

291 Foundation
Affirmation Arts Fund
The Andy Warhol Foundation
for the Visual Arts
The Buhl Foundation
Degenstein Foundation
Epstein-Teicher Philanthropies
Fifth Floor Foundation
Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA)
Genie and Donald Rice Charitable Trust
The Greenwich Collection Ltd.
Jewish Communal Fund
The Kettering Family Foundation
Lambent Foundation Fund of Tides Foundation
The Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation
The Mindel Family Charitable Annuity Trust
The Puffin Foundation
Trust for Mutual Understanding
Wender Weis Foundation for Children
William Talbott Hillman Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts
Public Funds from New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
in partnership with the City Council
New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor
Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature

Artis Grant Recipient
Austrian Cultural Forum in New York
British Council
Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (CONACULTA)
Consulate General of Hungary in New York
Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York
Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York
Danish Arts Council
Etant donnés Foundation
FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange
Hungarian Cultural Center
Mexican Cultural Institute of New York
Mondriaan Foundation
New York - Israel Cultural Cooperation Commission
Nordic Culture Fund
Office of Cultural Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in New York
Pro Helvetia
Seoul Art Space Geumcheon
Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Turkish Cultural Foundation

A Gathering of the Tribes
AKV Berlin
Charlotte Art League
Fashion Institute of Technology
Fence Magazine
Gotham Vapor Lounge LLC
J.W. Allen Insurance Company
Jack Shainman Gallery
Residency Unlimited
Rhode Island School of Design
The Seneca Real Estate Group
Stephen Lasar Architects
West Wind Studios

Terry Agriss
Atif Akin
Morana Alac
George Alexiou
Nathaniel Andreini
Nathalie Angles
Uri Auerbach
Yona Backer
Barbara Bantivoglio
Christophe Barbeau
Sarah Bartlett
Jillian Bergman
Julie Blankenship
Alex Branch
Scott Breakstone
Kathryn and David Brenner
Rebecca Brown
Spencer Brownstone
Marie Burns
Melissa Rachleff Burtt
Nathan Catlin
David Cantoni
Thomas Carroll
Hilary Chasse
Jeffry Chiplis
Sherman Clarke
Barrie Cline
Seth Cluett
Shannon Connelly
Maureen Connor
Kenneth Cowin
Tara Cronin
Will Dean

Rachel Dedman
Allan deSouza
Fred Dewey
Miguel Diaz-Barriga
Cristina Doi
Jackie Du
Ciara Ennis
Nicky Enright
Margaret Ewing
Heather Felty
Kenneth Fornataro
Margot Fox
Gwylene Gallimard
Chloe Geoghegan
Brooke and Joshua Gibbons
Julian Gilbert-Davis
Lisa Tung and Spencer Glendon
Ilana Goldstein
Rachel Rosenberg and Paul Goldstein
E.W. Goldstein
Alice Adams Gordy
Emily and Bill Gottlieb
David Gray
Chelsea Guerdat
Adler Guerrier
Veken Gueyikian
Abigail Hahn
Monica Hebein
Benjamin Heidersberger
Tracey Henry
Eddie Hsiung
Millree Hughes
Astrid Hustvedt and Jon Kessler
Patricia Jacomella
Nina Katchadourian and Sina Najafi
Allison Keating

Paula and Thomas Keltner
Lynn Knezevich
Julia Knight
Eric Krancevic
Joseph Krings
Jane and Howard Kramer
Carin Kuoni
Audra Lambert
Angela Lamonte
Elizabeth Larison
Nancy and Stephen Lasar
Guy Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
Raymond Learsy
Tracy Leavitt
Jenna London
Ellen and David Levy
Carrie Mackin
Kalpana Maddikunta
Lenore Malen
Christopher Manzione
Joan Mathews
Michele Meyer
Judith Miller
Michael J. Miller
Susette Min
Susan and Joel Mindel
Arlene Mintzer
Rosemary O'Neill
Joan Pachner and Richard Newman
Katerina Nikou
Stella Padnos
Mark Pasek
James Pierce
Jody Pinto
Catya Plate

Michael Pribich
Melissa Rachleff Burtt
Jo Ractliffe
Phyllis Rand
Pia Reyes
Amie Block Ratajczak
Kenya Robinson
Johannah Rodgers
Anne Rorimer
Kay Rosen
Victor Rosenbaum
Katherine Rubinstein
Wendy and Nick Rubinstein
Susan and Frederic Rubinstein
Leardo Sciacoviello
Kerri Schlottman
Jacob Severn
Barbara and Howard Simowitz
Alexandra Stock
Walter Strachowsky
Jacqueline Thaw
Robert Thill
Victoria Tiley
Taguhi Torosyan
Kay Turner
Martin Weinstein
Amy Wender-Hoch and John Hoch
Gregory Williams
Lloyd Williams
Louise Woehrle
Suzan Woodruff and Bruce Bauman
Fei Wu
Natasha Yannacanedo
Wong Siu Yin
Sarah Zolt-Gilburne
Kathryn Zox
and many more