Goodbye, World

curated by Andreas Templin and Raimar Stange

Goodbye World, 2020
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an exhibition of works by fifteen international artists on an Arctic ice floe, which will slowly melt away and sink into the ocean

It's time to say goodbye. In the face of climate change, we have to say goodbye not only to countless species of animals and plants that become extinct, to islands and waterfront cities, but also to thousands of people who will soon be unable to feed themselves due to heat waves and droughts. It is time to say goodbye to many well-loved lifestyle habits, such as regularly eating meat, unchecked energy consumption and short distance flights - the record high temperatures in the Antarctic, rising sea levels and the disappearance of the rainforest leave no doubt. The UN then warns with a drastic prognosis: "Even if all states fulfill their commitments under the Paris Agreement, the earth is heading for a global warming of 3.2 degrees Celsius by 2100."

The exhibition "Goodbye, World" sends art on a "farewell tour". No longer is it engaged, but ultimately rebelled in vain against the consequences of climate change, nor does it still consider political solutions, which are then prevented by the lobbyists of the globalized economy and right-wing populist governments; and the actual (and appropriate) mourning is also refused on this "farewell tour". Instead, we pitilessly accept the catastrophe, which can no longer be prevented, in order to create awareness for the apocalyptic situation in which we find ourselves worldwide.

The works of art presented in "Goodbye World" will literally "go under", more precisely: works of art that deal in form and content with what we will lose in the future. Some of the works will go so far that they have almost dematerialized themselves (Lucy R. Lippard) and thus stage their own disappearance as an aesthetic momentum. The artifacts we'll select and send on farewell tour are also characterized by the fact that they are artworks which are not only valuable and expensive to us - this makes their loss all the more painful.

The artworks selected for "Goodbye, World" will go under, because their farewell tour takes a meaningful route that is of great importance for climate change on the one hand - and on the other hand, that the exhibition will completely disappear. This route will lead from Northern Norway to the Norwegian Sea. The exhibition will be installed - and this is crucial - on an ice floe, which will slowly but surely melt, thus surrender the works of art to the depths of the ocean. This process of perishing of this exhibition will be documented (inter alia) through a GPS module attached to the ice floe, with the help of which it can be tracked on the exhibition's website. The artworks on display can also be seen on this website in intact form.

some logistical remarks - the exhibition will be carbon neutral (trains and sailing ships as means of transport) and promotes equality and diversity - all exhibited artworks will be environmentally friendly

*The text above was submitted to apexart's 2020-21 INT'L Open Call, and rated by over 550 jurors. Any specific artists mentioned are unconfirmed and subject to change.
Andreas Templin practices art in a multivariate approach, which expresses in sculpture, photography, installations, urban interventions and sound art. He holds an MFA from Sandberg Institute Amsterdam and lives and works in Berlin.

Raimar Stange studied philosophy, German, and journalism in Hanover. He works as a freelance art journalist and curator in Berlin. Stange is published in magazines such as Kunst-Bulletin Zurich,, Camera Austria Graz and Artist Bremen. He is currently curating exhibitions on topics such as climate change and right-wing populism.

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