The beginning of the expedition to install Goodbye, World

Goodbye, World - Online Opening and Tour


Online Opening
Online, with on-site exhibition on an Ice Floe in the Bay of Bothnia, Swedish Lapland

Saturday, February 13, 2021, 6:00 pm GMT+1
Exhibition on view February 13 - Until the Ice Melts

Join an online Exhibition Walkthrough of Goodbye, World with curators Andreas Templin and Raimar Stange.

Featuring Work By:
Nika Fontaine
Nadira Husain
Jonathan Monk
Olaf Nicolai
Peter Niemann
Eliana Otta
Martha Rosler
Stefanie von Schroeter
Veit Schütz
Joulia Strauss


Andreas Templin practices art in a multivariate approach, which expresses in sculpture, photography, installations, urban interventions and sound art. He holds an MFA from Sandberg Institute Amsterdam and lives and works in Berlin.

Raimar Stange studied philosophy, German, and journalism in Hanover. He works as a freelance art journalist and curator in Berlin. Stange is published in magazines such as Kunst-Bulletin Zurich,, Camera Austria Graz and Artist Bremen. He is currently curating exhibitions on topics such as climate change and right-wing populism.