A Talk with Goodbye, World Curators

Curator Talk

Saturday, February 20, 2021, 12:00 pm

In conjunction with Goodbye, World

Curators Andreas Templin and Raimar Stange share their experience of realizing Goodbye, World - an exhibition installed on an ice floe in the Swedish Arctic -during a global pandemic.

This curatorial conversation will be guided by Karen van den Berg.

Karen van den Berg is a Professor for Art Theory and Curating at Zeppelin University and Academic Director of the University’s arts program. Her research focuses on: art and politics, socially engaged art, theory and history of curating, and studio research.

Andreas Templin practices art in a multivariate approach, which expresses in sculpture, photography, installations, urban interventions and sound art. He holds an MFA from Sandberg Institute Amsterdam and lives and works in Berlin.

Raimar Stange studied philosophy, German, and journalism in Hanover. He works as a freelance art journalist and curator in Berlin. Stange is published in magazines such as Kunst-Bulletin Zurich, art-agenda.com, Camera Austria Graz and Artist Bremen. He is currently curating exhibitions on topics such as climate change and right-wing populism.