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Tuesday, April 14: 7 pm

Double Take XII

Three pairs of authors trade takes on a shared experience.

McKenzie Wark & Jackie Wang pull the bed-skirt up on the Trauma Monster.
Ellis Avery & Tayari Jones exit their self-imposed TV deprivation tanks in order to find out what's breaking Twitter every Sunday night.
Matthea Harvey & Mary-Ann Monforton meditate on clouds and boxes.
Tuesday, April 21: 7 pm

Double Take XIII

Three pairs of authors trade takes on a shared experience.

Joshua Furst & Vince Passaro remember New York in the gray light of the 1970s.
Barry Schwabsky & Joyelle McSweeney uncover the stygian mysteries of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
Luis Jaramillo & Matthew Brookshire spend time at Methodist Hospital on Christmas Eve.
Saturday, April 25: 12 - 3 pm

Future Scapes: A Family Diorama Workshop

What will the view from your window look like in 50 years? In this family workshop, we will be creating tunnel books—or dioramas that fold flat.  Children will be asked to imagine looking out a window in the future. We will then use collage materials to create miniature models of the worlds they’ve envisioned. In conjunction with the exhibition Feel Big Live Small.

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Saturday, May 2
in Beirut, Lebanon

Space Between Our Fingers
organized by Rachel Dedman

Space Between Our Fingers, organized by Rachel Dedman, explores outer space and science fiction as imagined and challenged by artists from the Middle-East. The exhibition will bring together artists working with spaceflight and stars, aliens, and apocalypse – material associated with fantasy, dreaming, discovery, and the unknown.

Franchise Program Winner

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Wednesday, June 3: 5:30 pm
Data Gathering: A Public Conversation

Moderated by Mary Coyne, Data Gathering: A Public Conversation is an opening day conversation between artists Paolo Cirico, Jenny Odell, Jens Sundheim, and Open Society Foundation curator Yukiko Yamagata. The panelists will reflect on how their practices have responded to and emerged from the pervasive culture of surveillance and will meditate on the recent global societal shift of being constantly observed.

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Wednesday, June 3: 6-8 pm
Profiled: Surveillance of a Sharing Society
organized by Mary Coyne

Despite opposition to the post-Patriot Act surveillance programs adopted by government agencies, individuals continue to engage with social media platforms, sharing personal information online. Profiled observes the dichotomy between an over-sharing society and government and military secrets.

Unsolicited Proposal Program Winner

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Wednesday, July 15: 6:30 pm
Screening of the film InContact by Ann Oren

Filmed entirely through the InContact network, iPhones, and surveillance cameras, InContact explores levels of spectatorship and exhibitionism in our everyday life, when everyone is both a viewer and a performer and the unclear moment when we shift from being involved friends to being performers and audiences. The screening will be followed by a brief Q & A session with Oren.

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