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Saturday, February 7

Beauty Salons and the Beast

Working in response to the observation that there is not a gallery-going audience in Tanzania, curators Rehema Chachage and Jan van Esch experiment with pop-up exhibitions in venues that locals do visit: beauty salons and barbershops. Beauty Salons and the Beast carries the theme of ‘multiple-choice’ and will feature artworks and interventions from both Tanzanian and international artists.

Franchise Program Winner

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Thursday, February 12: 7 pm

Axial Music

An evening of axial music with George Quasha and Charles Stein. Unlike improvisational music that often recycles rote patterns into new arrangements, axial music aims to release listening habits, expectations, and taste by discovering “living sound” in each instant. This type of practice allows that a sonic field has its own intelligence and sense of logic that follows the emerging sounds. In conjunction with current exhibition Foot Notes: On the Sensations of Tone, organized by Alastair Noble.

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Wednesday, March 18: 6-8 pm

The Diorama Show

This exhibition explores dioramas and miniatures as well as our fascination with all things small, both as a technical feat and a psychological relationship.
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