Ahmed Moneka, photo by Ksenija Hotic, 2022

Jalssa (جلسة) with Ahmed Moneka


Saturday, May 11, 2024, 6:30 pm

In conjunction with As we move away from the sun

A music and storytelling session with Toronto based musician and performer Ahmed Moneka. Audiences are welcomed to sit in proximity and listen to Moneka’s stories about migration and adaptation in Canada. Intertwined with freestyle solo singing, remembering together some Iraqi folklore related to land and plants.

The 4pm live performance will also be live streamed on our instagram @ apexartnyc, no RSVP needed.

Ever since Ahmed Moneka’sarrival in Toronto, Canada from Baghdad, Iraq, he has made significant contributions as a performing artist in music and theater. His Iraqi artistic heritage, including his stories and songs, has been warmly welcomed into the growing cultural narrative of the city's artistic scene.