Iman Le Caire photographed by Jeff Eason

ZAR زار


Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 5:00 pm

In conjunction with Welcome Home

Join us for a live performance by artist, Iman Le Caire.

"ZAK is a ritualistic practice aimed at healing and exorcism, rooted in the belief that certain spirits afflict individuals with physical or psychological ailments. The term ZAK itself means SPIRIT. Enter the world of ZAK through my Egyptian eyes. I was born into a culture steeped in tradition and belief. I was told by my own family that I was possessed by a demonic spirit. They called me Evil Child because my feminity was evidence of my connection with the Devil. Prevented from embracing my true identity and from transitioning I struggled to reconcile my inner truth with the external expectations placed upon me. Through the transformative power of dance and ritual, I confront stigma and prejudice."
-Iman Le Caire

Born in EgyptIman Le Caire was a successful contemporary dancer at the Cairo Opera. She fled to the US due to persecution. In 2020 Iman joined the Black Trans Liberation Movement and became the voice of Middle-Eastern Transgenders. She created Trans Asylias, a non-profit dedicated to relocating transgender individuals to safe countries.