Reentry Theater of Harlem, Ritual for Return performance, Stella Adler Studios, 2021

Ritual for Return Performance


Thursday, July 25, 2024, 4:00 pm

In conjunction with Welcome Home

This event will also be livestreamed on youtube (no RSVP needed for youtube) and follow apexart on youtube @apexart291 for upcoming live events and past recordings.

In this riveting public show, members of the Reentry Theater of Harlem will perform a Ritual for Return, staging a bold and imaginative approach for confronting the devastating impact of mass-incarceration. In an intensive program, participants are challenged to explore the identity issues people struggle with after incarceration, addressing the deeply rooted emotional conflicts that returning citizens experience as they work to reclaim and assert their authentic and creative selves. Through the performance, participants collaborate to enact a threshold crossing to formally mark their transition from prison back into their communities and into a new stage of life. The immersive theatrical experience and communal message culminates in a collective rite of passage, bolstering transformation, healing, and hope.

The Reentry Theater of Harlem (RTH) is an avant-garde theater by and for people who have lived experience in the U.S. criminal legal system. RTH utilizes theatrical rites of passage to confront and overcome the shame, stigma, and trauma of incarceration, empowering people’s transition from prison back to society.