Sem Sombras, Carolina Policarpo (caió)

Online Curatorial Tour: Sem Sombras

Online Tour

Saturday, March 4, 2023, 7:00 pm

In conjunction with Sem Sombras

Join curators Onyịnye Alheri and Carolina Policarpo (caió), for a 3D tour and discussion of the exhibition Sem Sombras/Unshadowed

Carolina Policarpo, or caió is a luso-Mozambican urban ecologist, aspiring musician and poet. Their interests lie in understanding the relationships between humans and Nature, political ecology and public involvement.

Onyịnye Alheri is a multidisciplinary artist born in Lagos and currently living in southern Africa. Ọ is a member of Aguas Migrantes, an international collective of migrant artists from the global south, and has exhibited in several countries including Ethiopia, Mexico, South Korea and the United States.