Utopia, Carolina Policarpo (caió)



Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 pm

In conjunction with Sem Sombras

Join curators Onyịnye Alheri and Carolina Policarpo (caió) for an evening of conversation about queerness in Africa

"Utopia" will take place at Project Utopia, an independent community space that was built in Mafalala to promote more visibility of the art and perspectives of people in this and other neighborhoods in the periphery of Maputo. The program will happen in the evening, setting the tone for intimate conversations and reflections. The night will start with a short video, followed by a facilitated conversation about the history of queerness in the African continent, with a focus on the queer movement in Mozambique. This will be followed by a visioning exercise with audience questions to promote participation and collective action for queer liberation. The event will conclude with a community dinner, with music.

Carolina Policarpo, or caió is a luso-Mozambican urban ecologist, aspiring musician and poet. Their interests lie in understanding the relationships between humans and Nature, political ecology and public involvement.

Onyịnye Alheri is a multidisciplinary artist born in Lagos and currently living in southern Africa. Ọ is a member of Aguas Migrantes, an international collective of migrant artists from the global south, and has exhibited in several countries including Ethiopia, Mexico, South Korea and the United States.

Diana Zeca is a researcher and a co-founding member of the collective Matabicho Feminista ("Feminist Breakfast"). They’re a social activist working with gender and human rights. The production, documentation and dissemination of empirical knowledge are key elements of Diana’s pursuit for a more inclusive reality.

Jennifer Manjate is an artist and long-time activist. She is a co-founding member of TransformarMoz. She works as a social activist and drag queen. Through her art, she opens up pathways and occupies spaces, bringing more diversity to people’s minds, and fostering greater openness.

Marco António André, graduated in Organizational Psychology from the University Eduardo Mondlane. They have been a social activist for LGBTQIA+ rights for 10 years. Marco has used their media platforms to start conversations and stir constructive debates around queerness.

Uzna Monteiro Arone Malunga, graduated in French Teaching from the University Eduardo Mondlane. She is a language teacher and co-founder of Matabicho Feminista. As an activist she has participated in the organization and implementation of several projects related to women and LGBTQIA+ rights.