Halima Abubakar, Red Herring from the Pattern series, 2019

Being Free: Arewa, Me Too Reading Room

Reading Group

Saturday, February 19, 2022, 12:00 pm

In conjunction with Arewa, Me Too

Gender Based Violence is not just a social issue. It is also an economic issue that directly affects women's physical and financial independence.

From Pyemwa Deshi's years of experience in advocating, campaigning, and counseling women, she understands that traditional beliefs, culture, and prejudice still contribute to violence against women around the world. As an expert in her field, Pyemwa explores how religion , poverty, and the structures of patriarchy, continue to imprison women.

Join Pyemwa as she shares original stories, including one based on a woman she met while working with low- income women in Jos as they explored gender-based issues. Through her stories, Pyemwa illustrates how she counsels women on financial planning, helping them grow their independence and economic power.

Pyemwa Deshi is the administrator of Yunik Schools Nigeria, which provides affordable quality education to nursery, primary and secondary school children. Yunik Schools currently educates over 1000 children, with a staff of 60. Pyemwa is also the Lead Consultant of King Preston Consulting and works as a scriptwriter, who has written for projects shown across Africa on DSTV.