Queer Palestinian Herstory By Madam Tayoush

Performance and Discussion

Saturday, April 10, 2021, 2:00 pm

In conjunction with Queer-y-ing the Arab

A performance lecture narrated by Madam Tayoush that tells a story of Palestinian Queerness and how it has evolved throughout the years. This merging of a dance performance and visiting artist lecture will incorporate personal experiences as a queer performer at some of the top US institutions as well as the development of their practice within the whole Palestinian queer herstory.

Elias Wakeem is a gender queer artist and activist, who mixes languages, changes characters and plays different identities, using grotesque body forms that help him create a scene, which challenges the boundaries existing in his society. They use installation and performance art events that present the mixture of their various characters and personas while examining the reaction of the audience to their personal story.

Madam Tayoush is the "Other" major character that Elias plays. She is one magnificent drag queen performer and entertainer who is full of glam and life. She's here to bring joy and realness in front of her audience. She carries a message of empathy and love through self-fulfillment and artivism.