Oluwabukunmi Olukitibi, LET ME BreathE h(W)OoMAN, 2024, Audio, text, visual art, picture and videos, performance, 30x25, 10 minutes. (still)

This online tour will premiere on our youtube channel (@apexart291) on July 6th at 12 pm NYC/ 5pm Lagos.

ASHAWO : Who says you’re a hoe?? Is an exhibition that challenges sexual prejudice against the Nigerian women through fashion, performance, spiritualism, visual art, and activism. The exhibition features artists who relate their personal experiences and that of countless Nigerian women across the country through their works.

David Amaechina also known as SNIPES is a multifaceted performing artist, choreographer and community organizer based in Lagos, Nigeria. His work revolves around situational dynamism in an African context; which includes, but not limited to performances which are mined recreation from memory, contemporary folklore and appropriated global culture as experienced by him.