Will Fredo and LoMaasBello, A Skip of the Beat A Change of the Heart, 2020, (still)

A Skip of the Beat A Change of the Heart


Saturday, November 13, 2021, 4:00 pm

In conjunction with DANCE TRANS* REVOLUTION

Join apexart & After Party Collective for our first hybrid in-person/online performance event for the exhibition Dance Trans* Revolution.

A Skip of the Beat A Change of the Heart is a lecture-dance performance by Will Fredo and LoMaasBello that connects stories of Afro dances with sexual, social, political, gender, and metaphysical liberation, inspired by the cultures of the Maroons in the Americas.

LoMaasBello is an Afro-marica artivist based in Chapinero, Bogotá, who uses music and rhymes from the resistance to express the experiences—mostly violent—of bodies that escape the norm.

Will Fredo is a non-binary artist, writer, and editor of Guatemalan and Cape Verdean heritage. In their practice, they explore power dynamics, cultural dislocation, and the intersection of pop culture, Blackness, kuirness, and technology. Born in Portugal, Fredo is now based in Berlin, Germany. In their artistic practice, Will Fredo works with images, body, and text to explore post-decoloniality and Global South epistemologies.

After Party Collective (New Delhi), formed by artist-curator duo Vidisha-Fadescha and Shaunak Mahbubani in 2019, acts in intersections between curatorial and performance practices, energizing choreographies of community, agency, legality, and pleasure. Expanding the Party as a site for critical praxis they produce spaces of embodied thinking directed towards the affirmation of trans*, intersex, and other gender-deviant bodies.