Rosemary Taylor

Destination: Local NYC Fellow
March 19 - April 2, 2021
Recommended by: Stephanie Powell

The Local NYC Fellowship is a 2 week program for a New York-based artist to participate in a broad range of non-art activities in the city. The program is an opportunity for artists to step away from their daily schedule and reevaluate their work while connecting to their home city in a new, unexpected ways.

Rosemary Taylor is a painter living and working in NYC. She received her MFA from Brooklyn College and her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art. Rosemary is 2007 recipient of the Joan Mitchell MFA Award and a Bronx Artist in the Marketplace fellow (2017), Taylor has exhibited at The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Abrons Art Center, CUE Art Foundation, Smack Mellon, Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, and WonderRoot Gallery; and has lectured at Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture, Brooklyn College, Tufts University, and Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning.

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Fellowship Exit Interview, April 2021

"I started to finally make the connections of re-entering a place... it was such a reflection because I've finally been in New York long enough where memories are memories and some of them are really distant at this point. [T]here was never a conflict of like 'this is wrong, this is how I remember this' it was more of a like, 'oh wow, things have changed', 'oh, wow, because I was hustling bustling when I was here, I didn't get to stop and experience this so I've never seen that before' ...I feel like if I wasn't a New Yorker before I'm definitely a New Yorker now."