Ann Quintano

Destination: Local NYC Fellow
May 4 - May 18, 2021
Recommended by: Stephanie Lawall

The Local NYC Fellowship is a 2 week program for a New York-based artist to participate in a broad range of non-art activities in the city. The program is an opportunity for artists to step away from their daily schedule and reevaluate their work while connecting to their home city in a new, unexpected ways.

"Although I would not label myself as either an artist or writer, I consider myself a creative person who 'makes art' and writes short stories/flash fiction out of a passion for such endeavors. I believe in the innate creative spirit, and the importance of its expression and so, for many years, I facilitated creative arts with people who were or had been homeless.
I believe that 'art is life giving'.
I have a passion for this city, the struggle for peace and social justice, and the spiritual search."
- Ann Quintano

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Fellowship Exit Interview, May 2021

"If you're not risk-taking in your own life then you're not risk-taking in your art."