María José, LA FUTURA, 2019

María José V | LA FUTURA


Saturday, July 22, 2023, 5:00 pm

In conjunction with I saw the future, it's so wonderful, there are Puerto Ricans

María José V takes a transformative journey as she revisits La FUTURA, using sound and movement to both respond to and expand upon her past memories. Since her impactful speech at the Ricky Renuncia Protests in 2019, María José V has undergone profound spiritual, physical and emotional changes, which have created both distances and proximities to her former self. Embracing this opportunity, María José believes that it is not only a chance to reflect on her past but also to delve into the exploration and manifestation of future possibilities for herself and those who surround her.

María José V is a trans woman from Puerto Rico who is building a legacy of artwork with trans femininity at its center. With a formal education in Photography from Parsons School of Design, she has honed her artistic voice for over two decades. Her recent work focuses on music videos such as “Casablanca” - a protest anthem produced in collaboration with Cabra during the 2020 elections.