Sofía Córdova, Echoes of a Tumbling Throne (Odas al fin de los tiempos) Livel 8: COOERPOH A COOERPOH, 2017

Sofía Córdova began hosting live virtual performances during 2020 as a way to build on self-inquiries/talks with herself during the pandemic. These performances usually include poetry, music, projections, digital junk and cameos by her pets and her child. With a desire to continue to investigate the future possibilities of performance work and digital materials, Cordova will host a 20-30 min live virtual performance responding to themes present in the exhibition.

Sofía Córdova was born in 1985 in Carolina, Puerto Rico and currently based in Oakland, California, Sofía Córdova makes work that considers sci-fi as alternative history, dance music's liberatory dimensions, colonial contamination, climate change and migration, and most recently, revolution - historical and imagined - within the matrix of class, gender, race, late capitalism and its technologies. She works in performance, video, sound, music, installation, photography, and sometimes taxidermy.