Open Call NYC 2024-2025

Below is a list of proposal requirements for submitting a proposal to the Open Call. Please check each box and make sure you adhere to them before pressing Submit.
Confirm that your proposal:

 is an original, group exhibition, consisting of works by at least 3 people working independently of one another.
 is in English. Google translate works well for converting.
 contains no biographical statements, CVs, links or your name, as they are juried anonymously from the idea submitted.
 does not include specific dates for the exhibition as the schedule is not determined until after the process.
 is for an exhibition that will take place in NYC at apexart: 291 Church St.
 is not an "artist project" wherein several artists are directed to work together to create a unified project (exquisite corpse, or delegation of specific tasks as in a multi-artist installation work or film production).
 does not include an Open Call for artists.
 does not include any sales-related activities.

 I am only submitting 1 proposal.
 I read and understand the FAQs.

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