NYC 24 Submission View


Echoes of X

Submitted by: Chin-yin Chong, Andre Chan

The concept explores the transformative power of art as an archaeological method. How can contemporary art serve as a means to combine current vocabulary, draw on ancient wisdom, and reinterpret past human customs using modern techniques and ideas, thus creating contemporary fables?

Through this exploration, we aim to understand how these experiences subtly influence individuals and their environment, while seeking new ways of engaging with the world.

The exhibition invites audiences on a journey to reimagine and reinterpret tradition, folk culture, and history, while delving into the intricate relationship between these narratives, personal experiences, technological advancements, the environment and the human psyche and wellbeing. The exhibited artworks serve as tangible manifestations of artists' observations and perceptions of the present time. Through their creative narratives and the use of contemporary languages, these works bridge the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation. They offer unique perspectives and insights into the evolving dynamics of our society, culture, and individual identities.

By employing art as a tool of excavation, the exhibition encourages audiences to engage actively in the process of rediscovery. They will witness how artists skillfully juxtapose ancient narratives with modern sensibilities, creating a vibrant dialogue that challenges conventional interpretations. The exhibition aims to foster a deeper understanding of our shared cultural heritage and its relevance in the contemporary world. It invites audiences to reflect on their personal experiences and to question the impact of technological advancements on our collective psyche and environment. By examining these intersections, the exhibition prompts contemplation about how we shape and are shaped by the narratives that surround us.

Through a transformative journey, where tradition and history converge with the present moment. It celebrates the power of art to reimagine and reinterpret the past, offering new perspectives that resonate with the complexities of our ever-changing world.