Mariam Natroshvili

Visiting From: Tbilisi, Georgia
September 4 - October 3, 2018
Recommended by: Noah Naime

Mariam Natroshvili is a Tbilisi-based artist and curator. Since 2012 Natroshvili has worked in collaboration with artist and architect Detu Jintcharadze. Working mainly in public and abandoned spaces in her artistic and curatorial projects, she brings art to unexpected places, questioning the possibility of a different future. She is interested in post-Soviet mythology, disappearing knowledge, invisible people, forgotten places, and the recreation of vanished memories. She is also a co-founder and editor of the art newspaper Revolver and founder of take away, delivery museum - Museum of Contemporary Art Tbilisi.

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Mariam Natroshvili apexart talk, 2020


Mariam Natroshvili fellowship exit interview, 2018

“It was a journey not only in the city and New York and taking all of these different I was alone here it was also like journey in yourself kind of, all those dragons and things in fairytales it can be your own dragons and your own fears. So, more or less, I think we have a happy ending.”