On my fingertips

curated by Noel Maghathe

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In alignment with the theme 'Folklore,' the proposed exhibition centers on the motifs of personal remembrances. Palestinian culture, rich in its traditions, and stories, is intrinsically into the land and its people. These stories, handed down through generations, transcend tales--they stand as testimonies, memories, and reflections . As contemporary women Palestinian artists and individuals, their current experiences and perspectives enrich this rich, melding age-old traditions with present-day narratives to ensure its continued resonance in today's dynamic global landscape. The diverse works presented--video, performance, and tactile arts--serve as a channel to these raw, unfiltered memories, eschewing the lens of globalization. They present folklore not as a relic of the past but as a vital, living aspect of these artists' identities.

Yasmine Omari's immersive video art delves into the soundscape of her life returning to Palestine, interweaving personal experiences with cosmic sonifications, and juxtaposing the intimacy of individual memory with the vastness of the universe. Through her work, we are reminded of the eternal dance between microcosms and macrocosms, a testament to the rich Palestinian history that is both timeless and immediate.

Leila Awadallah's performances and installations, on the other hand, challenge our perceptions, presenting an Arab American woman in all her complexity. By juxtaposing her American citizenship with her Palestinian roots, she invites viewers to traverse the landscapes of media representation, tradition, and resistance. Her work serves as an ode to the resilience and enduring spirit of the Palestinian people, revealing the struggles and joys of navigating dual identities.

Lastly, Jenna Hamed's handcrafted art books offer tactile journeys through history. They are tangible manifestations of memories and reflections, pulling viewers into a contemplative space where past and present merge.

In essence, On my fingertips, seeks to honor the rich vastness of Palestinian experiences. By drawing together these diverse expressions in one moment, we celebrate the depth, diversity, and dynamism of Palestinian stories, traditions, and memories.

Community Engagements

-Artist talk with tour of works and possible Q&A

-Yasmine Omari performs a live vjing set creating a multi-dimensional setup, allowing viewers to experience her works as an enveloping encounter while collaborating with a local DJ to create an immersive experience.

-Children's event with Yasmine Omari to have them create a video art piece together, showing them different elements to create with a camera and screen: words, colors, shadows.

-Scheduled Body Watani events by Leila Awadallah, teaching their practice body-as-homeland with all ages and all bodies.

-Community book-making event and performance by Jenna Hamed. Show different styles and types of art books and prints, encouraging exploration and reflection of themselves in their creation.

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