Ana Lucía Galicia, Margarita, 2018-ongoing, Digital Photograph, Dimensions variable.

Recontarnos (Rewriting us) Online Curatorial Tour

Online Tour

Saturday, March 26, 2022, 5:00 pm

In conjunction with Recontarnos (Rewriting us)

Maya Juracán, Renata Alvarez, Jimena Galán Dary, and Christa Krings –members of the feminist collective La Revuelta– will guide us through a 3D online tour of the exhibition, Recontarnos (Rewriting Us).

A Zoom link will be sent to upon registration. Please login to Zoom using the same name that you use in eventbrite, so that we know that it's you.

La Revuelta is a feminist collective that names and recognizes its members and other women in cultural, political, and social scenes. Its purpose is to retell history under its own terms and experiences by creating intersectional and decentralized spaces. By using art as a tool, it proposes insurrection as a means to recover the spaces and voices that have been silenced throughout history. We aim to strengthen the social fabric by weaving women back into it as if they were strong, different and colorful threads. Members include: Maya Juracán (Activist and Art Curator), Renata Alvarez (Architect and Art Curator), Jimena Galán Dary (Communicator and Investigator), and Christa Krings (Cultural Manager).