Jiyoung Son, Couche de mémoire, Installation, 2022

When does art become Art?

Talk and Round Table Discussion

Saturday, 22 October 14:00 (GMT+2)

In conjunction with Memory Card: The Perk of Being Able to Remember

Join Jihye Kim, a specialist in time-based media and an assistant conservator at the LUMA foundation, share her insights about the notion of memory in contemporary art.

"What is art?" is a question we ask often. But what about the question, "When does art become Art?"

Jihye Kim, will share the importance of archiving and documentation to the influence of technological development in art conservation and preservation.

The aspect of temporality is a key concept in time-based media. One of the main roles of contemporary art conservators are to seek a way to maintain the artwork’s form in the most durable and sustainable way while transmitting its original value to the public.

Following the talk, everyone is invited to join the round table discussion of the core concepts of memory and time in art as well as how technology is reshaping our Memories. The curator and selected artists from the exhibition, Memory Card - The Perk to Being Able to Remember, will join for the round table discussion.

Jihye Kim is a time-based media specialist who works as an assistant conservator in the Fondation LUMA's contemporary art - production department in Arles. Jihye received her BA and MA in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property from Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Avignon.