INTL 23 Submission View


Who's Rubble Do You Want Me to Water?

Berlin, Germany

In this exhibition, three artists working with sound installations will come together to speak about the lives of migrant women in Berlin. Berlin is a city built by the West from the rubbles of World War II. It prides itself on its internationality. But under the grey sky, the capitol of Fortress Europe allows only certain stories to be heard. This has become even more prominent under the current persecution of pro-Palestinian voices and general silencing of people from the Arab world. Each of these artists approaches their storytelling practice differently. They are connected by their willingness to stay with rage, complicated stories, and fragments.
A crucial part of the exhibition will be its location. It will take place in the curator's bedroom, from which they have been running a gallery for the past three years. This apartment is located in a social housing complex in the center of the city, which has been built on the remnants of a baroque square that has been flattened to the ground in the bombing of Berlin at the end of WWII. Nowadays, this area (designated as problematic by the city police) houses low income families, often of migrant descent, and has its own rich multicultural "underground" life. The exhibition will be dedicated mainly to them.