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Upcoming Exhibitions
March 30 - May 27, 2017
Outlaw Glass
organized by David Bienenstock

As cannabis legalization continues to take root and spread rapidly, much of the media discussion surrounding this societal sea-change has been focused on the economics involved. But how will ending the War on Weed transform us culturally? To better understand what authentic underground cannabis culture has to offer, Outlaw Glass examines work from four leading "functional glass" artists.

April 8 - May 6, 2017
in Tarrafal, Cape Verde

A Glimmer of Freedom
organized by Marzia Bruno

Using site-specific installations and land art, this exhibition explores the history of an abandoned prison that held political prisoners during the 20th century.

A Franchise Exhibition Program exhibition.
June 8 - July 29, 2017
Promises to Keep
organized by Rabbya Naseer

Promises to Keep confronts the rarity with which performance art is exhibited in Naseer’s native Pakistan. She presents the work of ten female Pakistani artists, addressing how women specifically use the medium to engage in self-representation and socio-political issues.

An Unsolicited Exhibition Program exhibition.
June 24 - July 22, 2017
in Tbilisi, Georgia

Illegal Kosmonavtika
organized by Magda Guruli and Mariam Natroshvili

Through workshops, a zine, and artworks, this project resurrects and examines Soviet Cosmonautics for the generations that came of age after its decline in 1991.

A Franchise Exhibition Program exhibition.
September 7 - October 21, 2017
Fellow Travelers
organized by Katherine Rochester

Fellow Travelers initiates an encounter between people displaced by the deterioration of neo-liberal policies around the world. With elements of Afrofuturism, science fiction, and cosmology, it affirms that art is a tool for crossing boundaries and providing a refuge for voices of dissent.

An Unsolicited Exhibition Program exhibition.
January 18 - March 17, 2018
Rendered Cities
organized by ANGL Collective

Rendered Cities examines the visual language and ideology behind the marketing of luxury property and development plans. Transforming the exhibition space into a construction site, the project highlights the peculiarity of digital architecture which is transforming cities worldwide.

An Unsolicited Exhibition Program exhibition.
June 7 - July 28, 2018
Light in Wartime
organized by Rola Khayyat

Light in Wartime explores the use of light both metaphorically and technically, in the context of photography during times of war. It features an array of photographic methods that reflect the blackout darkness and violence consistent with a city under siege.

An Unsolicited Exhibition Program exhibition.
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