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apexart :: Public Program :: Live Broadcast: <em>Transmissão Fordlândia</em>
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Transmissão Fordlândia
Public Program - Fordlândia
Live Broadcast: Transmissão Fordlândia

Saturday, September 16, 2017, 8:00 am -
Sunday, September 17, 2017, 8:00 pm AMT

Transmissão Fordlândia: Live Broadcast is an online and FM/AM radio broadcast by radioee.net as part of Transmissão Fordlândia, an apexart Franchise exhibition in Fordlândia, Brazil.

Hosted in a mix of Portuguese, Spanish, and English, Transmissão Fordlândia: Live Broadcast will consider the jungle city of Fordlândia and its legacies, ecosystems, agricultures, and influences today. What are the current streams of production and migration in and out of Fordlândia and the Amazon jungle? How do rivers, roads, rubber, and radio communication shape Fordlândia’s past, present, and future? How have forms of forest agricultures shaped Fordlândia over time? Listen to site-specific sound projects created in Fordlândia, performances by Brazilian sound artists, interviews with residents, and experimental soundscapes.

Transmissão Fordlândia: Live Broadcast is presented as part of the apexart Franchise Exhibition Transmissão Fordlândia, organized by Stephanie Elyse Sherman and Agustina Woodgate of radioee.net. This broadcast event is produced with the support and collaboration of Ruli Moretti and Mat Guzzo with Angelo Madson, Gabriel Martinho, and Véronique Isabelle.

radioee.net (Radio Espacio Estation) is a collaboration of artist Agustina Woodgate, curator Stephanie Sherman, designer Sebastian Bellver, and activator Hernan Woodgate. radioee.net hosts nomadic, multilingual, online radio broadcast events on mobility topics. Adapting to sites, languages, and cultures in situ, radioee.net opens a channel that cultivates local voices, music, and sound experiments and connects them with global listeners. radioee.net has curated shows in an abandoned amusement park in Berlin, the Buenos Aires Port, a truck traversing Washington D.C., and a boat navigating the Miami waterways.

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