Lauren Burke, Sacred Vibes Apothecary

Join this online herbal workshop led by Lauren Burke and discover properties of various botanicals

Led by Lauren Burke of Sacred Vibes Apothecary in Brooklyn, this herbal workshop features the properties of various botanicals, some of which are included in the exhibition. Sacred Vibes Apothecary presents an exploration of medicinal plants, antidotes and the ethnobotanical history of the Aloe, Ackee and Soursop plants of the Caribbean.

Lauren Burke is an herbalist, CEO of Sacred Vibes Apothecary and mother of two young children. Raised by master herbalist Karen M. Rose, founder of Sacred Vibes, Lauren has spent her life deeply connected to Spirit and Plant Medicine. Her mission is to center the health of black/brown folks, children and highly sensitive individuals while providing tools for transgenerational healing in her work.