Ofri Lapid, Haifa Feminist Institute, 2020

Voicing the archive

Online Reading

Thursday, September 16, 2021, 11:00 EDT / 18:00 MSK

In conjunction with Voicing the Silence

Voicing the archive is inspired by the archival and activist work of the Haifa Feminist Institute, which is based in Haifa, Israel. The HFI is a non-governmental feminist establishment of the activist group Isha Le’Isha ('woman to woman' in Hebrew) and home to the first and only queer-feminist archive in Israel. Among many important materials kept by the HFI are records of court trials of domestic violence. These were written by voluntary members of HFI, who were trained to enter the courtrooms and to formulate their own extra-institutional, subjective accounts. The reading will engage with the position of the outsider observer in the court system; a position which undermines formality and promotes a subjective critical approach toward justice. The text will consist of excerpts from documents, interviews with the archivists and literary allusions to Maggie Nelson and Ruth Behar.


Ofri Lapid (b. 1983, Haifa) is an artist and a PhD candidate at the school of visual arts in Hamburg. Her work concerns the composition, activation and dissolution of private, scholarly and independent archives. Her manner of working is based on a site-specific and collaborative practices, which often provide her the basis for installations of objects, photographs and videos. Additionally, she develops a series of orchestrated lecture performances: these combine oral narrations, field recording and objects and function both within academic conference settings and in exhibition spaces. She exhibited in various venues globally, her latest publication was featured in Archive Dekolonialisieren', Transcript Verlag, 2018.