The apexart Fellowship


by Steven Rand, Yona Backer, Anna Moschovakis, Casey Smith, Joanna Ebenstein, Julia Knight, Nancy Wender, Nicky Enright, Stephanie Powell, and T.J. McLachlan

"The apexart Fellowship: An Experiment in Vertical Cultural Integration" explores the methodology, practice, and effects of apexart's unique Fellowship model. The apexart Fellowship is an alternative educational program that invites creative individuals to leave their familiar surroundings for a month-long stay in a foreign country. The program provides new sources of inspiration through exposure to new cultures, interests, and experiences. Unlike an artist residency program, the apexart Fellowship provides a rich, 30-day schedule of non-art activities, all while requiring Fellows to refrain from producing creative works. In doing new and interesting things, and having time away from their usual responsibilities, apexart Fellows can reflect on what they do with greater perspective.

With contributions from:
Steven Rand
Yona Backer
Anna Moschovakis
Casey Smith
Joanna Ebenstein
Julia Knight
Nancy Wender
Nicky Enright
Stephanie Powell
T.J. McLachlan