apexart :: International Fellow :: David B. Smith
Fellowship Program
Name: David B. Smith
Destination: Dunedin, New Zealand  
Dates of Fellowship: October 1 - October 31, 2014  
Recommended by: Brinton Diaz
arts administrator, nyc
In addition to his collective and social practices, David Smith makes images and sculptural installations to explore fantasy, memory, loss, and commodity in American culture. To gain access to the back-end of cultural memory, he playfully re-arranges cultural iconography using a pseudo programming-code — comprised of digital and analog methods of fragmentation, accretion, and re-orientation — such as digital weaving, cut and bent photographs of cultural memes. He isolates patterns, crosses wires, and entertains new poetic interpretations, making the once familiar strange and un-settling. The resulting immersive environments and images reveal, reprogram, and regenerate narratives that occupy the space between remembering, forgetting, and imagining and that vacillate between the real and the virtual. His music project Doom Trumpet has performed in places like Invisible Dog, The Knitting Factory, and the International Center of Photography.

FELLOWSHIP TALK: in conversation with apexart Founder and Executive Director Steven Rand
Nov 6, 2014