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apexart :: Public Program :: Youniverse :: alignment, empathy and embodied entanglements
Youniverse Public Program
alignment, empathy, and embodied entanglements

Saturday, December 10, 2016

11:00-11:45 am Ariel Carson 1-on-1 session
12:00-1:30 pm David Sauvage "Psychic Class 101"
2:00-3:30 pm Igor Shteynberg "Discover More Freedom"
4:00-5:30 pm Elizabeth Traina "Love the One Within"

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This event is free and open to the public. All programs are subject to change.
How do we organize our mind-body-selves for action and what gets in our way? Through educational gentle touch and verbal guidance, 1 individual will learn how to prepare for and take action by releasing interferences with their underlying postural coordination and re-directing theirself using increased clarity of intention. This practice leads to greater sustainability, vitality, freedom, integration, efficiency, presence, and flow in how one moves and interacts with the world. The participant will discover greater ease in how they move and interact with their surrounding environment as he or she are guided through a mix of sitting, standing, lying down, and walking accompanied by gentle hands on and verbal guidance. 1 individual session, RSVP required

Psychic Class 101 Do you want to become more psychic? Do you suspect you are a little psychic and want to expand your abilities further? David Sauvage, a professional empath and intuitive (and heck, let's just say it: psychic), will help you uncover and expand your gift. Through a series of interactive exercises, you'll learn what kind of psychic you are and how to get better at it. Warning, though: there is a high probability someone will read you, too.

The Discover More Freedom workshop will introduce participants to the Feldenkrais Method, a holistic practice which is designed to support innate human ability to learn through exploration and discovery. Through gentle movement, Feldenkrais lessons help facilitate lasting changes in how a person moves and feels. People of all levels of fitness and ability can benefit. No previous experience necessary. Please wear loose comfortable clothes that don't limit your movement.

In Love the One Within, Elizabeth Traina will gently guide you to relax, bypass the mental mind/ego to enter a dynamic hypnotic journey for inner exploration​.​ In a relaxed semi-conscious state we invite your subconscious mind to take us to ​connect to a younger version of you who is in need of your love. ​Often​ the parts of us that come forward have been stuck in a memory of the past an​d​ benefit from​ integration with the present self. Re-parenting your inner-child through love and connection releases unwanted patterns in your adult life. Healing the wounded child can transfer power to the wonder-child​,​ ​t​he part of us​ that is​ full of ​joy, freedom​, and excitement for life here and now.

Ariel Carson is an Embodied Mindfulness specialist utilizing Alexander Technique and Somatic Experiencing as her main modalities. Based in New York City, Ariel works with a wide variety of clients in both private and group settings, including U.S. veterans, performers, activists, and the LGBTQ community. She has taught at the Julliard School, Boston University, and she is also the Associate Director of Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique.

David Sauvage is an intuitive and empath. David can tune into and experience what people and other living beings are feeling, both in this moment and generally in life. He becomes a mirror of a person's inner life and emotional state, uncovering what they know inside but can't quite articulate. Holding an MBA and coming from a “traditional," rational, materialist worldview, it took David years to own and hone in on his gift. Now he helps others uncover their own abilities as he continues to read and counsel.

Igor Shteynberg, Feldenkrais Practitioner, has worked with clients ranging from children with motor difficulties to professional dancers and musicians. Igor's clients appreciate his ability to relate to their concerns, as well as his patience and care in gently helping them bring about the changes they are looking for.

Elizabeth Traina is a working artist, award winning muralist, holistic healer, and workshop facilitator. Elizabeth has worked closely with master healers to become a certified Reiki Healer and Hypnotherapist trained with Paul Aurand Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. Currently Elizabeth resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she holds a private healing practice, working with clients and groups.

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