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apexart :: Franchise Program 2017-18 Results
Franchise Program 2017-18 Results

Thank you for participating in the 2017-18 Franchise Exhibition Program. 205 jurors evaluated 384 proposals submitted by people from 61 different countries. We are pleased so many people found this program worthy of their time and want to thank both the submitters and the jurors for their valuable contributions.

The four winning proposals were submitted by: Jasa McKenzie, Giorgos Nikas & Alexandra Streshna, Mary Lou Pavlovic, and RadioEE. The Frachise Exhibition Program accepts ideas for group exhibitions to be presented anywhere in the world. The four winning proposals receive a budget and administrative support to bring their projects to life in locations outside of New York City.

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Fordlandia Transmission
Fordlandia, Brazil
October 7 - November 4, 2017

submitted by:

Fordlandia Transmission/Transmissão Fordlandia considers the history of the failed plantation city of Fordlandia through a sound art exhibition in partnership with a local radio station. Deriving inspiration from the Amazon’s auditory ecosystem, Northern Brazil’s vibrant musical heritage, and Fordlandia’s fallen machines, the project features site-specific sound works.

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  Dipping in the Kool Aid
Bali, Indonesia
March 3 - March 31, 2018

submitted by:
Mary Lou Pavlovic

Dipping in the Kool Aid celebrates the artistic works of prisoners and artists in Indonesia, and highlights the humanitarian values of prisoners' being able to move with their minds, when space is confined and time seems placed on hold. Evolving from a prison arts program, the exhibition features collaborative works made by artists and current and ex-prisoners.

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  Slower, Smaller, Weaker
Athens, Greece
May 12 - June 9, 2018

submitted by: Giorgos Nikas &
Alexandra Streshna

Slower, Smaller, Weaker addresses social, economic, and political transitions of contemporary Greek society, as epitomized in the mutated 2004 Athens Olympic Village. In collaboration with the Olympic Village Residents Association, the project includes an exhibition, film screenings, and workshops.

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  You’re Not Sick, You’re Weak
Nagoya, Japan
June 30 - July 28, 2018

submitted by:
Jasa McKenzie

You’re Not Sick, You’re Weak responds to the stigmatization of mental illness in Eastern culture, especially in Japan. Providing a platform for expanded depictions and discussions of mental health, the exhibition features both Eastern and Western artists aiming to break toxic taboos surrounding mental illness.

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For more information on apexart open calls, how to apply or get involved, or to read full texts of winning proposals, visit our Franchise Program page.

The Franchise Exhibition Program is an open call for 500-word proposals for group shows that take place anywhere in the world outside of New York City. Exhibitions can be about anything that the organizer finds compelling and can take place anywhere other than NYC. Past shows have explored construction in Mexico City, community in Memphis, and translation in Kampala. The Franchise is an opportunity to help bring a compelling idea to fruition and to illustrate that the center of the world is wherever you are. Please note that apexart is not a funding organization and exhibitions are part of apexart's regular programming.

No prior curatorial experience is required and we invite submissions from people of all backgrounds. Proposals do not have to be for the city where the curator is based, do not need to take place in traditional gallery settings, and venues for the show and artist lists do not need to be confirmed in advance of submitting an idea. Four winners receive support from apexart to mount their exhibition in the location of their choosing, and apexart works with winning organizers on all of the details of the project. In addition, apexart produces a brochure in an edition of 8,000 with an essay from the curator, which is distributed to subscribers in more than 110 countries.

* Please note: Proposals are ideas for exhibitions. No details, including artist participation, have been confirmed.
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