apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Raj Per Tot
Fellowship Program
Name: Raj Per Tot
Visiting From: Ljubljana, Slovenia  
Dates of fellowship: February 24 - March 26, 2011  
Recommended by: Sandra Skurvida
curator and scholar, New York
Raj Per Tot is an audiovisual artist, musician and architect born as Rajko Pertot in Trieste, Italy. He studied violin in Trieste, composition on electronic instruments in London, and solo singing in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He completed his degree in Architecture in Ljubljana and is now artistic director of The Institute for the Audiovisual and Performing Arts IND (Intimate Notions' Dream), which he founded with his wife Vesna Maria Maher in 2010. He lives between Trieste and Ljubljana. For more than 20 years he's been carrying out his professional and artistic career in different areas, and is lately concentrating on his artistic expression in audiovisual installations and performances.

His fellowship is supported in part by the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Video will play here.
FELLOWSHIP TALK: I Did It My Way with Salley May
March 23, 2011- download video (401MB .m4v)