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Fellowship Program
Gavin Shettler
curator, arts administrator, Portland, Oregon
April 4 - April 14, 2004
  The Modern Zoo is a nonprofit art organization based in Portland, Oregon dedicated to providing an exhibition space and neutral forum for artists based in Oregon and the Northwest. The Modern Zoo aims to establish and maintain a cultural, educational, and interdisiplinary arts center that promotes and exposes art and artists regionally, nationally and internationally.

Gavin Shettler, Founder and Co-Director of The Modern Zoo: Center for the Arts in Portland, Oregon, was born in Aberdeen, Washington in 1972. Mr. Shettler attended Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas and Portland State University in Portland, Oregon where he studied history. He comes to the arts through music. He is a classically trained vocalist and cellist. He debuted in the Portland art community with the opening of his first gallery, The Gavin Shettler Gallery, in May of 2000. In 2002, Mr. Shettler joined forces with Bryan Suereth, another independent gallery owner. Together, they founded and now co-direct The Modern Zoo: Center for the Arts. The non-profit organization is developing an inter-disciplinary art center to exhibit and support local and regional contemporary art.

While in New York, Gavin Shettler will be researching the various models of non-profit NYC arts organizations.

Gavin Shettler gave a presentation on Wednesday, April 7 at 6:30 pm at apexart about The Modern Zoo: Center for Arts and the Portland contemporary art scene.