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Fellowship Program
Name: Marine Karbowski
Visiting From: Paris, France  
Dates of Fellowship: April 7 - May 7, 2010  
Recommended by: Renaud Ego, poet and author based in Paris
Marine Karbowski was born in Paris where she still lives and works as a painter. Having studied art in Paris and Avignon, her work has been shown in galleries in France and Luxembourg. Her work is influenced by a broad range of artists and writers such as Lucian Freud, Egon Schiele, and John Maxwell Coetzee, and her current body of work includes landscapes that are dreamlike, magical and sometimes frightening, even apocalyptic. "Painting is a voluntary will to dissolve reality and to reorganize it according to its own will. The process of painting feeds off of a succession of ideas and symbols originating in a single image. The collective unconscious is an inexhaustible source of ideas that can create timeless and absurd situations. The humor that is a natural result of these absurd actions often takes me by surprise. Having an idea in painting is to inevitably create its opposite.”

Read Ms. Karbowski's post-fellowship blog.

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FELLOWSHIP TALK: Talk with Mimi Gross
May 4, 2010 - download video (268MB .m4v)

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