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Fellowship Program
Bharati Kapadia
India, recommended by Amy Sillman
June 1 - 30, 2001

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  Bharati Kapadia is an artist living and working in Mumbai, India. She was invited to participate in the Residency Program at apex as a result of a invitation to Amy Sillman to select a Resident. Delving into a ground fertilized by the personal and the private, my work positions itself on the threshold edge between fact and fiction, between the 'existent' and the 'non-existent.' As opposed to a sitting-on-the-fence position, which commits to neither, my work identifies and negotiates the space located midway between two extremes. In the works made on nylon fabric, the sheer expanse of the taut fabric acts as the memory-screen, which receives and projects lived moments: the trials and travails of the tenderness of bonding and the harshness of rejection, of decay and dying, germination and rebirth. The corporeal bodies of the paper works seem to deny their materiality when lit from behind. They reveal an emotionally charged inner landscape, which fades no sooner the light from behind them is withdrawn. They retreat into their shell, leaving only their outer shapes and textures before the gaze of the spectator.
Bharati Kapadia 23 June 2001