apexart :: New York City Fellow :: Rodney Glick
Fellowship Program
Name: Rodney Glick
Visiting From: Perth, Australia  
Dates of residency: February 15 - March 14, 2006  
Recommended by: Gary Dufour
Deputy Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia in Perth
Since 2000, Rodney Glick has been working on a project to build the world's largest snow dome. The proposal consists of a giant acrylic structure, its walls lined with water, intended for display in sites around the world. In effect it is a portable exhibition space, designed to contain objects, particularly art works, which can be wheeled in and out of a trapdoor at the back. A quixotic experiment in construction as well as bureaucracy and fundraising, it could conceivably take years to realize. No matter; Glick is nothing if not patient. As an artist based in the isolated city of Perth, Western Australia, Glick is used to things moving a little more slowly and quietly, far from the eyes of the international art circuit. Glick has also been instrumental in the Founding and Co-Direction of spaces such as International Outcamp for the Arts-Gingin, Australia, International Performance Space-Tammin, Australia, and International Art Space-Kellerberrin, Australia.

FELLOWSHIP TALK: in conversation with Trevor Smith (curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art) about Glick's work, previous projects together and issues of isolation
March 8, 2006