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Fellowship Program

Name: Sarah Browne
Visiting From: Ireland  
Dates of Fellowship: January 14 – February 14, 2006  
Recommended by: Mick O'Kelly
artist, lecturer at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin
Sarah Browne (b.1981, Dublin) is an artist based in rural northwest Ireland. Her practice addresses ecologies of place and displacement through the circulation of people, products and social behaviors. This process is often carried out with the participation of a community where it is based, or creates a fictional or temporary community for itself. An interest in design, craft, and hobbies prompts subtle interventions into existing objects and surfaces (sofas, wallpaper, handknitted sweaters). The redistribution and use of these objects, often through the formation of gift economies on an intimate scale, highlights particular social contexts. Parallel to her art practice is the development of a body of research and critical writing. She regularly publishes projects, articles and reviews for Irish publications such as Circa, Contexts, and The Visual Artist's Newsheet.

Sarah Browne's fellowship is supported in part by a Travel & Mobility Grant from the Irish Arts Council.

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