apexart :: Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser :: Quick! Pull My Animated Finger
(Quick! Pull My Animated Finger)
organized by Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser

February 24 - April 14, 2007

291 Church St. New York, NY 10013

The two Jews from L.A. who bring you Drawn Together present the people who help write and draw the series in an "art" exhibit. Artists from Rough Draft Studios show unpublished, unaired, uncensored and mostly unseen stuff.

With work by Stephanie Arnett, Dan Bond, Edgar Duncan, Edmund Fong, Bari Kumar, Gennady Kornyshev, Samantha Harrison, Jeff Mertz, Mike Wodkowski and a text by Elijah Aron and Jordan Young.

Sat Feb 24, 6-8pm: Opening Reception

Sun Feb 25, 1-3pm: A special afternoon engagement with the artists of Rough Draft Studio, Dave Jeser and Abbey McBride (AKA Ling Ling).

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Fan Mail

TV as an Artform
morse code translation (download brochure above for full text and images)

*Since the dawn of the cathode tube, television has been one of the world’s most defining forms of expression. From the broadcast of the first man to walk on the moon to the first turd squeezed on to a pizza (Drawn Together Episode 107), television has demonstrated its massive ability to change the world. Anyone can slap some paint on to a canvas or take a picture of a baby dressed as a stupid flower, but it takes a certain amount of, let’s call it “magic” to bring TV to the masses.

TV unites the great and the small as one. How else could a Noble Prize winner and an auto worker connect if not for the shared joy of NBC’s Thursday night lineup? The answer is that they couldn’t. Eventually, after hours of trying to listen to the inane chitter-chatter of the lesser mind, the Nobel prize winner would end up using a torque wrench to smash a large hole in his own occipital lobe.

Certainly a glass-half-empty type might call TV a tick, sucking away all individuality, and leaving us nothing more than husks filled with digested Cheetos and Sunny Delight. Well I say go back to teaching Smart 101 at the University of Smartness, Professor Smart Guy Ph Smart.

Before TV, the only form of entertainment was watching retarded people fight their reflections in mirrors. God forbid you were stuck at your house (they called them “huts” back in olden times). Sure people sat around their living room talking with each other. But most of the time, they talked about how great it would be to have a TV.

One of the many awesome things about TV, which is awesome, is that everyone is pretty. I would have sex with anyone who lives inside my TV, definitely including Lou Dobbs. I certainly can’t say that about that piece of shit invention of Marconi’s, the “radio.” Or as I like to call it the “sucks-ass-dio.” For no matter how smooth and silky Radio Folk sound, in fact all radio stars are ugly! Uglier even than the stars of books. I know for a fact that everyone on the radio has a face like that fat fuck Marconi’s greasy Italian anus. Here it is: *. God, just thinking about radio makes me want to puke. (Or as they say in Stupid Radio Language...