apexart :: ABACA 2007
Don't Get It Twisted!
Violence affects everyone.

Organized by ABACA's Curatorial Studies students

May 1 - May 12, 2007

291 Church St. New York, NY 10013

with works by: Bradley McCallum & Jaqueline Tarry, Micheal Paul Britto, Lan Tuazon, John Abner and Jessica Acobe

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In an effort of community outreach, apexart provides space for Satellite Academy and ABACA'S Curatorial Studies Program's 2007 exhibition.

Don't Get It Twisted! Violence affects everyone is an exhibition curated from proposals submitted by artists from the United States and Mexico. The exhibition is curated and presented by high school students from neighborhoods in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens who are enrolled in ABACA's Curatorial Studies class held at Satellite Academy. This year's exhibition seeks to discuss and demonstrate different aspects of violence such as racism, stereotypes and social or historical injustice, as well as personal and emotional experiences with violence, through works of art.

"I do think that art can be politically significant. I think that some art can bring about social change. Because sometimes, a picture or an art work can show people a better picture of how events should be going on in the world. That might change the way some people choose to live their lives." --Student Curator of Satellite Academy

The Student Curators are: Keith Campell, Juan Chalas, Ashley Rivera, Eliezer Rodriguez, Maria Santana, Nytieria Young, Esteffani Russo, Edgar Peña, Stephanie Aracena, Ashley Rodriguez, Shanay Francis, Crystal Gutierrez, Jossie Medina, Daniel Laureano, Yusef Clay, Jennifer Flores, Leo Plourde, and Elizabeth Castellano

Eighteen students have participated in a one-semester program that combines daily art classes and professional hands-on experience in exhibition planning with the guidance of artist/educator Bea Schlingelhoff and ABACA director Elizabeth Cavanagh. As part of the curatorial process the students have visited and discussed several current contemporary art exhibitions and have met with artists to learn more about their artistic practice. Students then decide which artists they would like to present in their exhibition, plan the installation of the works of art and the Curator's Talk.

A documentation and catalogue will be printed and available at the beginning of June 2007.