apexart :: Maurizio Couldn't Be Here :: AUDIO/VIDEO

FEBRUARY 26 8-11 pm
organized by Kari Conte

part of Maurizio Couldn't Be Here




This event pairs musicians and visual artists in a new collaborative project enacted in live performances. The bands Growing, New Humans, and VOY have each selected a video artist to create new work related to their sound resulting in a cross-fertilization between music, visual art, the performers and viewers.

New Humans + Matthew Suib
New Humans' performances are characterized by visual graphic elements that nod to minimalist sculpture and Op-Art, intersected with experimental music and noise as a complete synesthetic experience. Repetitive patterning, collapse of boundary and object, and the unraveling of seriality over time are their continuing visual and aural motifs.

Growing + Lisa Darms
Founded in Olympia, Wash., avant-rock duo Growing is concerned with duration and collage by way of sound. "…it was not quite true that the thing 'came about;' we had gone along with it too. Only now, and thus after the event, looking back, in hindsight, does the way it 'all came about' seem over, finished, unalterable, finite, so tremendously fast, and so terribly opaque."- Imre Kertesz

VOY + Kirby Conn
Los Angeles based art-pop band VOY moves air with electric machines, and claims that the pop song form is harder than it looks on TV. They sing feel-good, sad-songs which are on the verge of danceable.