apexart :: Maurizio Couldn't Be Here :: ARTCOM - The Final Frontier

ARTCOM- The Final Frontier
FEBRUARY 19 7-9 pm

produced by Steven Rand

as part of Maurizio Couldn't Be Here

Wild horses don't really roam the American West, credit cards do not really dance, and TV commercials don't lie. To consider the issues of art as commodity, six professional TV Directors were "hired" to produce a 30, 60 or 90 second commercial. As in "real-life," the directors were given their "product" (an artist) and asked to write, edit and produce a "TV-like commercial." The "spots" were presented in their "world premier" at apexart on Feb. 19 and are available right here for viewing.

  Director   Artist
  Howard Silver   David Diao
  Mikal Din   Ward Shelley
  Kirsten Larson   Satch Hoyt
  Frank Macias   Alyson Shotz

Ron Angarola

  Richmond Burton
  Matt Pellowski   Nate Lowman (currently showing)