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Right: Phil Ross, Mycotecture Brick Corner, 2012,
Ganoderma lucidum fungus grown on wood sawdust
In conjunction with the Franchise Exhibition
organized by Yvette Granata

Radical Mycology

Thursday, September 25: 4:30pm
at Capuchin Soup Kitchen
Earthworks Urban Farm
1264 Meldrum St.
Detroit, Michigan 48207

Putting the FUN in Fungi is an interactive teacher training for anyone interested in incorporating fungi into their daily lesson plans.

Through engaging games and activities learn how to effectively address questions like: How can we work with mushrooms to clean water and soil? What do mushrooms eat? What does it mean to be a decomposer?

The tools learned in this donations-appreciated 2-hour workshop can be easily adapted for classrooms of any kind or size and for all ages.

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The Radical Mycology Convergence (RMC) is a volunteer-run gathering of mushroom enthusiasts working to share knowledge and skills related to the use of fungi for environmental and personal betterment. A non-discriminatory and family-friendly event, the RMC will bring together people of all backgrounds and abilities to destigmatize and simplify this information through the engagement of various learning modes while fostering a network of like-minded people. The RMC will focus around skills related to the use of fungal species for the remediation of damaged environments to create a better world with greater ecological health. Workshops at the RMC will emphasize low-tech and low-budget techniques that support community building and self-sufficiency while encouraging independence from corporate, non-local, or environmentally exploitative materials and/or practices.

Please join us for this apexart event.

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