apexart :: COMVIDEO videos screened near Holland Tunnel


apexart invited artists and creative others from around the world to cut, dub, reverse, add to, and otherwise manipulate at least one broadcast commercial to make a 60 second video submission for the exhibition COMVIDEO. The creator of the top scoring video won a $2,000 prize and the top 5 videos will be presented on a public screen in Manhattan, near the Holland Tunnel from February 17 to March 18, 2011.

Andrea Chung
Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez
Antonella Grieco / Martina Allegra De Rosa
Susan Greenspan
Kelly Flanagan

Watch full length videos by the TOP 10 COMVIDEO
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The Holland Tunnel Screen is located at the Northwest Corner of Canal Street & Hudson in lower Manhattan, adjacent to the Holland Tunnel entrance. The videos are being shown in three, one minute long segments, each of which is being played once an hour. The videos play at the Holland Tunnel at 10 past the hour, 30 past the hour, and 50 past the hour.