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apexart :: Open Call for Group Exhibitions :: Juror FAQs
Open Call for Group Exhibitions Juror FAQs  
We suggest you read three or four proposals before you begin voting to get a sense of how they read.

Q: Are there any specific criteria you are looking for in evaluation and scoring?
A: Yes. We ask that you evaluate proposals based on your interest in the subject, the clarity of the written proposal itself, and your desire to see the idea transformed into an exhibition. If a proposal is unclear or you feel it would not likely result in an interesting show, you may evaluate the submission as a 1.

Q: How long will it take?
A: We ask you to read 50 proposals over a one-month time span. This generally takes less than 2 hours and is done at your leisure, in one sitting or several.

Q: Should I judge the idea or how well someone writes?
A: The idea. Keep in mind that many people submit their proposal in English as a second, third, or even fourth language. Please respect the effort and difficulty when you judge their proposal and allow for this.

Q: Should I skip a proposal if it is difficult to understand?
A: Please do not skip. If it is hard to understand the proposal concept, you can assign a lower score.

Q: If a proposal presents a venue should I assume it is a more solid exhibition?
A: No. Stating a location is not required for submission and most people do not list one. A suitable location is located as part of the process.

Q: What if I am unfamiliar with the names/ ideas/ terminologies in a proposal?
A: Many names are only known locally. It is the responsibility of the submitter to be clear and communicative.

Q: I think I am reading a colleagues/friend’s proposal. If I know who the submitter is, can I still score that proposal?
A: If you can do it objectively, yes. If not, skip that one and move on to the next.

Q: How will I know how many proposals I have scored?
A: You will find your voting status at the top of the jurying page, under your username.

Q. I left my screen open on a proposal and now it shows a different one. What happened?
A. It is likely that your window refreshed. Since we have 200-300 people voting at the same time, our custom script ensures that each proposal gets an equal number of votes. When you reload the page, your reading list auto-updates with proposals that need votes.

Q: Can I rate more than 50 proposals?
A: Absolutely. If you want to read and vote on more, it will add votes to the tally increasing the number of votes overall.

Q: Can I change my scores?
A: Absolutely. If you want to read and vote on more, it will add votes to the tally, increasing the number of votes overall and making the process even more effective.

Q: How many jurors are there?
A: Annually, we have more than 400 jurors from all over the world in the arts as well many different professions reflecting the viewing public. Everyone's vote is equal and equally important to the process.

Q: When is the jurying deadline?
A: March 31, 11:59 PM EST.

Q: Do we appreciate you doing this?
A: Yes, yes, yes! And we will include your name on our list of jurors unless you wish to be anonymous and will also offer you one of our publications if you Write to us and tell us which one you'd like.
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