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apexart :: NYC Exhibition Program 2019-20 :: Submission Page
APPLICATION - NYC Exhibition Program 2019-20

Check each box before you start your NYC Exhibition Program proposal:

Proposal is an original exhibition, presented for the first time.
Proposal is a group exhibition, consisting of works by at least 3 people.
Proposal is in English.
Proposal does not include biographical statements, CVs, or links. If your proposal contains biographical references that could potentially identify you, we will remove the biographical references.

Proposal does not include specific dates for the exhibition.
Proposal is for an exhibition that will take place at apexart: 291 Church St, NYC.
Proposal is not an "artist project." "Artist projects" are exhibitions that use multiple artists or individuals working on 1 person’s idea to create a single work or installation

Proposal does not include an open call for artists.
Proposal does not include any sale-related activities.
I am not submitting more than 1 proposal.
I read the FAQs before submitting.


Proposal Form
Full names of all individual organizers (separated by commas) OR collective name:
Enter here the names of those proposing the exhibition idea, not the artists in the exhibition.

Exhibition Artists:
Enter here the names of the artists in the exhibition.
Exhibition Title:
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