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apexart :: NYC Exhibition Program 2019-20 :: Juror Login

NYC Exhibition Program Juror Login and FAQs

Thank you for helping us determine our schedule for next season as a Juror for apexart’s NYC Exhibition Program. We appreciate your time and input. Please read the following FAQs and then follow the prompts at the bottom of the page to login and access the proposals. Happy voting!

Q: Are there any specific criteria you are looking for in evaluation and scoring?

A: Yes. The strength and clear presentation of the proposed exhibition. We ask that you evaluate proposals based on your interest in the subject, the clarity of the written proposal itself, and your desire to see the idea transformed into an exhibition. If proposals are unclear or you feel they would not result in an interesting show, you may evaluate the submission as a 1. Conversely, if proposals are clear and you feel they would result in a very interesting show, you may evaluate the submission as a 5. 1 is lowest (you wouldn’t want to see the exhibition) and 5 is highest score (you think it’s a good idea and would like to see the show). 

Q: Do I judge the writing or the idea?
A: Both. The substance of the idea is as important as the ability to convince you of its value. Please note that many proposals come from non-native English speakers, so while the grammar may not be perfect, the strength and clarity of the idea should shine through in a good proposal.

Q: Should I skip a proposal if it is difficult to understand?
A: Please do not skip. If it is hard to understand the proposal concept, please assign a lower score.

Q: What if I am unfamiliar with the names/ ideas/ terminologies in a proposal?
A: It is the responsibility of the submitter to consider how to use their 500 words. Do not worry if you are not familiar with a particular artist's work—many people are only known locally. Some jurors will do additional research, but this is definitely not required. It is best to base your score on what they provide.

Q: If I recognize a submitter can I still score that proposal?
A: Yes, if you feel you can do so fairly. Otherwise, this is the only situation that you should skip that one and move on to the next. They will not be penalized.

Q: How will I know how many proposals I have scored?

A: You will find your voting tally at the top of the jurying page, under your User ID#. 

Q: Can I rate more than 50 proposals?
A: Absolutely. If you want to read and vote on more, it will add votes to the tally, increasing the number of votes for each proposal, and making the process even more effective.

Q: Can I change my scores?
A: Sorry, our system does not allow that. You may only view 1 proposal at a time, and cannot go back to change your saved scores. Remember that 5 is the highest score you can give, and 1 is the lowest score.

Q: How many jurors are there?
A: Each year we have approximately 300 jurors from all over the world. many in the arts and many from other professions. Everyone's vote is equal and equally important to the process. We think anyone that goes to a museum or is interested in the arts will add to the process.

Q: When is the jurying deadline?
A: Friday November 30, 2018, 23:59 PT (California time)


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